Best Eighties Romantic Movies to Put You in the Mood

In reminiscing the eighties there are some great romantic comedies that have left pleasurable and yearning in our minds. Comedy in general is a personal thing, what may be funny to one person and not so funny to the next. Romantic comedies in essence are favored by many people as it takes the pressure off life and remove the nonessentials for a short time and replaces it with humor.

When Harry met Sally

This a standard light romantic film of the eighties that leaves you satisfied at the end of the film. Billy Crystal plays Harry an idealist you cannot help but like. Meg Ryan plays Sally a not so dizty blond that has her own scoop of the going ons of life. They both met in University and the movie goes on to show their growth and maturity on relationships throughout the years. This movie has winning quote “I’ll have what she’s having”.

Bull Durham

Starring Kevin Costner in this 1988 romantic comedy that captured the full essence of baseball. Costar Susan Sarandon did an amazing job by keeping you amazed at her tutoring skills and knack for the formation of love triangles. This movie is not just another baseball movie it’s romantic comedy at it’s best.

Casual Sex-1988

This is a classic romantic comedy, it delivers feel good shivers and makes you believe in romance. Starring Lea Thompson, Victoria Jackson and raunchy but funny Adrew Dice Clay.

This movie is about two friends setting out in a time when sexual transmitted disease was rampant, to find men that wanted to have safe sex. Meeting a couple of men and interacting with them, they figured out that it may be harder than they thought. The movie moves through the years to show that true romance can have a lasting effect and you never know how a romance will end or who you may end up with. This is a true romantic classic for the book.


Tom Cruise was in his element in this feel good flick. A bartender on a mission to become the best, Cruise in the process had his eyes on every beautiful lady that came his way. Co stars Elizabeth Shue and

Bryan Brown did their part in making this movie fun. The characters are testaments to the delusion and complete denial of anything resembling reality. They are in their own world trying to reach their goals. Watching this movie reminds you that life can be a lot of fun if it’s taken lightly. Good romantic comedy and cool music.

Desperately seeking Susan

This wonderfully likable feminist screwball comedy made Madonna into a movie star.This flick tells of mistake in identity, obsession and the need to become someone else. Desperately Seeking Susan is a fairy tale comedy that tries to use Hollywood formulae to settle conflicts. This is definately worth seeing.

Married To The Mob-1988

This movie starring Michelle Phiffer takes an affectionate and funny look into mob life. The main character Phiffer is the wife of mob boss alec Balwin that decided the mob was not for her anymore but, quickly found out it’s not so easy to make a clean break.This is director Johnathon Demme’s last quaint movie before started doing the more serious stuff like Silence of the Lamb.

Mystic Pizza

This is a witty and sassy comedy about the bonds of sisterhood. This movie is about sisters and the passage of maturity each one faces as they attempt to make life changing decisions

Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor and Annabeth GSA showed great talent early in their careers.

Princess Bride-1987

This is a witty and hilarious movie which is read out of a storybook by a grandfather to his grandson. The story is about boy gets girl, boy loses girl scenario and the comical obstacles they went through to be together. The array of actors in this movie combine their personalities together to create this mirage of talent . Kudos to Robin Wright, Cary Elwies, Chris Sarandon and Peter Falk for this throwback comedy.

She’s Having a Baby-1988

This movie is shamelessly funny even with the voice overs, monologues and the insecurity of marriages, it’s the kind of movie you want to kick off your shoes, grab the pop corn and cozy on up to a love one. Kevin Beacon and Elizabeth Governor did an amazing Job at keeping the movie light and funny.

Sixteen Candles-1984

For anyone that has been in love, had a crush in high school or lived through a humiliation then you’ll relate to this hilarious comedy. Starring Molly Ring wall and Anthony Micheal Hall at one of their best performances.


This is the performance that placed Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah into the movie star category, with the help of the late John Candy. The tale tells of a mermaid that comes to town seeking her love and the secrets and adventure that follows.This is a great weekend movie to snuggle up to.

Working Girl-1988

A witty, romantic look in the corporate jungle. See wheelings, dealings and the stealing of identity. Starring Melanie Griffith who has the desire to further her personal and professional life and Harrison Ford who plays the handsome boy toy.