The Best DVD Movies for Your Christmas Party

In Christmas, most of us get together with family and friends. After eating until we get sick, and play a couple of games of Monopoly, the children start running around the house, screaming and threatening to break our finest china, displayed for the special occasion. It is the perfect time to turn on a movie.
This year we have some good family movies just released on DVD and Blue Ray, and we can choose a couple to entertain the family and relax our kids. These are the best:

-“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull”: the fourth part of the Indiana Jones saga is perfect to watch with all the family. It is fun and entertaining, and grown ups will like it as well as the children. In this movie, the archeologist Indiana Jones would face the mean soviets in his quest for the crystal skull.

-“Hell boy II’; the smaller kids maybe will be scared with this movie, but heck, they suppose to be in bed anyways. It is a sequel than in my opinion is better that the first part, because has lots of action, and the special effects are incredible. You’ll have a blast with this movie.

-“Hulk”; it is a huge difference between this Hulk and the one that was release some years ago; The plot is much more interesting, following the original comic and series, and Edward Norton is a wonderful actor.

-“Iron Man”; this is the year of the superheroes, and this movie is fun and entertaining for all the family. Lots of action and humor, and the actor Robert Downey JR is fantastic.

-“Wall-E”: the little ones of the house will love this movie, about a cute robot and environmental issues. The computer effects are spectacular, and the characters very nice.

-“Tropic Thunder”: This comedy is hilarious, about a group of actor making a movie about the war in Vietnam and getting involved with a drug dealer. The actors are the best of the movie: Robert Downey JR, Jack Black and Ben Stiller.

-“Kung Fu Panda”; this animated movie has everything children love: martial arts, action and cartoon characters. Jack Black is the panda, and I like the idea of the clumsy fatty kid that is in reality a hero.

-“Journey to the center of the Earth”: This entertaining movie brings us the classic of Jules Verne, with lots of suspense and action. Brendan Frasier is the perfect soft action hero.

So you have it, a couple of these nice movies, and the Christmas party will be more fun and relaxing.