“Twilight” – an Indepth Movie Review

Twilight merits praise for having created a fresh approach to the familiar vampire story, even though it has been vastly covered in literature and movies. It is based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel in which she successfully convinces the reader to believe in the union of a teenage girl and a much older vampire (although he looks seventeen). The leads Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) share a great chemistry which makes this movie work; they instill in their characters likeability ( especially Edward who has to fight his natural instinct of sucking Bella’s blood) and a sense of vulnerability that is indeed appealing. Since the movie’s theme of fighting to overcome your natural instincts in order to be something better is rarely found in teenage romance flicks, it proves to be an even greater plus point for the film. Another really unexpected highlight is the way humour’s been put to use. There are several moments that will make you smile and one or two that may really tickle your funny bone. All these highlights make it a unique film and so it is certainly worth a watch.

The primary complain with this movie is the style of its presentation. Since the bulk of the target audience for this flick is teenagers, the filmmakers, in effect, have made a two hour long music video. Unfortunately, the darkness that is crucial to any vampire story has been toned down drastically to attract the younger audience. Due to this, the movie has absolutely no dramatic moments and relies heavily on the pair’s chemistry. Even the final fight scenes are poorly executed lacking in excitement. Even though the final outcome of the fights is the same old one, the filmmakers haven’t tried to make it even remotely suspenseful. The plot subtly hints at a backstory of how the vampires came to settle in the area and their enmity with the wolves, but it never becomes more than that. It’s the usual Hollywood way of saying there’s going to be a sequel whether anyone wants to watch it or not. All the potential of the story is wasted. With absolutely no darkness and run of the mill fight sequences, Twilight will most certainly fail to attract the male audience and depend solely on teenage girls to make a decent collection at the box office.